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One hundred and seventy three years ago in August 1842, Henry Lewes a Londoner and his partner Charles Throsby started Moria Station with a small flock of merino’s.

At the time Moira Station included a large frontage along the Murray River and in the days before fences, Lewes employed a shepherd to look after his flocks. It was this that led to a shepherd’s hut being built and the hut being the first dwelling in Moama.

With help from The Friends of Old Moama and surveyors plans dated 1851 the location of the Shepherds Hut was identified as being located on the river frontage of Tindarra Resort.

To commemorate this historic discovery, in November 2015 the Friends of Old Moama and Tindarra Resort unveiled a plaque that marks the location of the Shepherd’s Hut.


‘Tommy Tomatoe’

The property was once owned by Kojiro Kasumata a Japanese Market Gardener who was affectionately known as ‘Tommy catch a Tomatoe”.
During World War 2 Tommy was incarcerated at Tatura as a prisoner of war.

Ivo Ham served a local home guard acted as caretaker in Tommy’s absence.
In the early 1950’s Ivo purchased the land and Tommy remained on the property living in his one room hut and his kitchen was a square water tank with the front cut out and a hessian bag for the door. He later moved into Moama to another property he owned.
Ivo made all the concrete blocks for the homestead on the property and named it “Wodalla” which was aboriginal for running water.
The house was built in 1952 and ironically there was no connection to “Wodalla” who won the Melbourne Cup in 1953
The property remained in the Ham family until 1977.

The Resort today is a family owned business and one can only wonder what Henry, Tommy, and Ivo would make of the changes to the property if they were alive to see it today.


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